Racquet Stringing

Restringing your racquet helps keep your game at its peak. Have you lost some power, spin or control? The longer you have your strings and the more you play, your strings lose tension and the edges wear down. Older strings don’t give you the same spin and control. Maintain your game by maintaining your strings.

Choosing The Right String

The type of string you use is often an after thought.  Let me help you pick the right string for you.  Everybody has different needs and preferences.  This was an easy decision 20 years ago, but now there are hundreds of strings to choose from. Here’s what we are looking at Natural Gut, Monofilament Synthetic…

Playability Vs Durability

Despite the multitude of tennis strings available to consumers, it all really comes down to the balance between two concepts: playability and durability. No matter what material, thickness, or tennis racquet string tension you are looking for, you are likely sacrificing one for the other. Thinner strings provide greater spin potential but are prone to…

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