Choosing The Right String

The type of string you use is often an after thought.  Let me help you pick the right string for you.  Everybody has different needs and preferences.  This was an easy decision 20 years ago, but now there are hundreds of strings to choose from.

Here’s what we are looking at

  • Natural Gut,
  • Monofilament Synthetic Gut,
  • Multifilament Synthetic Gut,
  • Polyester, and
  • New Softer Polyesters and Multifilament Polysesters

Natural Gut will provide players with the most feel and touch, while Polyester will provide players with the most durability. Synthetic gut materials provide players with a fair balance of both feel and durability.

Natural Gut: Top of the line tension maintenance and feel. Most common among pro and club level players. It’s expensive and they wear out quickly, but they feel so good.

Multifilament Synthetic Gut: Multifilament is a coreless string with multiple synthetic fibers twisted together similar to natural gut. Advantages include increased playability and feel over a monofilament string.

Monofilament Synthetic Gut: The most popular synthetic on the market, they derive durability and tension retention properties from their solid center cores. An outer wrap of smaller filaments or fibers assist in tertaining tension and protect the core from small nicks and abrasions. The number & construction of wrapped filaments, diameters, and blends vary from string to string.

Polyester: Offer players increased durability over synthetic gut and Mono/Multifilament strings. Popular among hard hitters who break strings often noted for giving a dead feel and being very stiff for some, most common among tournament players and pros. Kevlar falls into this category as well.

Soft Polyester: Soft polys are a relatively new direction for string manufacturers, but are a great choice for those that like the power, restitution and durability of poly strings, but not the harshness on the arm.


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